Saturday, February 16, 2008

Terrify Me

Terrify Me,
Make me fear the consequences of my actions,
There's no justice here.
As I stand and work for the world I want to see,
with your laws and calls for silence,
Terrify Me.

Accuse my fellows of terrorism,
Try to rule us by fear,
Deny our rights when used against you,
Jail us till the end draws near,
And when I don't Give a damn about what you do
or who you be,
well, fuck it, just try harder to terrify me.

And as you claim to feel me coming
by the prickling of your thumbs,
I warn you to get ready, something fearless this way comes,
you can tell the world my secrets,
cast aspersions on my name,
take my money and my life,
the fight continues just the same.

So if your looking for an enemy who won't admit defeat,
go ahead AETA laws,
Try and terrify me.

(I wrote this one last year, and once again its part of a series, I'm posting another from that series in a few minutes. and i have it on good authority a couple of people are planning on submitting work to the blog, i'll post it as i receive it.)

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