Monday, February 25, 2008

Seeing My Family

I'm seeing my family in some strange places these days.
I saw my sisters and brothers on the internet, in pictures and videos,
in cages, overcrowded,
in buildings where men, also my brothers,
went slowly insane as they cut the throats of their brothers and sisters.
They call the buildings Factory Farms. Abattoirs. Slaughterhouses.

I Watched on the history channel as my great aunts and uncles,
grandmothers and fathers were broken, tortured, gassed,
shot, burned because the distant cousin no one likes to talk about
said that they weren't good enough.
We remember this as the Holocaust.
We call that cousin Hitler.

My family history is the history of the world.
My heart is the picture of turmoil as everyday it seems
my brothers and sisters kill and enslave one another
when the war ends it's loss regardless of side.

I'm seeing my family in some strange places these days,
and some days I can't breath for grieving;
can't cry for smiling,
the extremes of light and darkness in my family astound me.

My brothers and sisters fly and nurture babies and embrace the world.
They picket and reach out with messages of compassion.
They hold so tight to life. They fight so hard to live.
and I'm seeing them.
Every day, Everywhere,
I'm seeing my family.

I wrote this a few days ago, so I hope you either like it or best it with an entry of your own.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Only One

(this is a little monotonous at first but read slowly and hang with me, because there is a point, i just took the scenic route getting there)

Lay me down society,
Pacify me, Pacify me, Pacify me,
'cause I be only one, only one, only one girl,
only one sister, only one,one alone,
not sitting on a throne or in an oval office,
so I've no might to stop this evil
spreading through the mall,
spreading through them all,
spreading through my brain,
spreading through my veins,
on the trains, but I've no power to stop it,
I am only one, only one,
I've no power to dream, to be, I'm only one, only one,
only waiting for society to pacify me.

Do just what you do so well in this hand-basket bound for Hell,
Because if only one is only one then there will never be two,
and two plus a few more is a revolution worth fighting for,
but I am only one, only one, only one.

And that's been making me feel bad you see,
so please I'm on my knees,
just Pacify me, lull me to sleep so I won't see when the streets burn,
so I won't see when the tables turn,
so I won't call the earth an urn when those first ashes fill my lungs,
when ashes fill my lungs, see what inactivity has done,
cause I was only one, only one, only one.

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Terrify Me

Terrify Me,
Make me fear the consequences of my actions,
There's no justice here.
As I stand and work for the world I want to see,
with your laws and calls for silence,
Terrify Me.

Accuse my fellows of terrorism,
Try to rule us by fear,
Deny our rights when used against you,
Jail us till the end draws near,
And when I don't Give a damn about what you do
or who you be,
well, fuck it, just try harder to terrify me.

And as you claim to feel me coming
by the prickling of your thumbs,
I warn you to get ready, something fearless this way comes,
you can tell the world my secrets,
cast aspersions on my name,
take my money and my life,
the fight continues just the same.

So if your looking for an enemy who won't admit defeat,
go ahead AETA laws,
Try and terrify me.

(I wrote this one last year, and once again its part of a series, I'm posting another from that series in a few minutes. and i have it on good authority a couple of people are planning on submitting work to the blog, i'll post it as i receive it.)