Monday, January 28, 2008

I Am Still Alive.

Sorry about my long absence. I've been holding out for some other activists to submit. I'll be back with another of the Silence poems sometime this afternoon, sort of a prequel to the first, and i plan to do at least one poem for each of the Silence movements major victories, ( visual art, music, and poetry). I also have a few poems that I wrote a while back that I can put up, but if this blog is going to be effective and fulfill the purpose I planned for it, then I'll need your help and your submissions.Write about anything and everything related to activism of all varieties. Show other activist how you think and what you have to say to them.The real Silence is on its way if we don't learn to speak up and speak out, and understand that all off our efforts, from animal rights direct action to anti-war protests are linked, and are expressions of our desire to see justice be done.

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